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Hair and Make Up Courses
(modules are applicable in both full and part-time hair and make up courses)

Make Up includes:
- Health and Safety
- Colour Theory
- Skin care and preparation
- Face analysis
- Highlighting and contouring
- Rouge. Blusher, powder, cream
- Foundation. Cream, fluid, powder
- Brow shapes and correction.
- From natural to smokey eyes. Eye shapes and correction
- Eyeliners. Gel, khol, shadow
- Eyelash. Fake lashes, curling
- Lipliner. Lipstick, lip shapes and correction
- Camouflage

Photoshoot days
Fashion Show Students design their own fashion show
Workshop: Photography
Workshop: Marketing

Make Up styles
Basic beauty and photographic Make up
Bridal (Euorpean and Asian) Make up
Black and white Make up
Period Make up 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, 2011
High Fashion Make up
Gothic and Punk Make up
Catwalk Make up
Theatre Make up (incl. wounds, punch eye, burns)
Drag Make up
Body paint

Hair includes:
- Haircare and preparation
- Setting hair. Hot roller, velcro
- Straightening. Tong. Crepe. Blow dry
- Hair up, plait, Bridal and Fashion hair
- Working with hair extensions and hairpieces


Hair and Make Up full-time course / 3 months
£7,000, 8/10 students per course

We offer a full-time Hair and Make Up course. Each 3 month course runs Monday to Friday.
10.30am - 4pm.

New dates coming soon!
Paintbox London is currently in the process of relocating.

Hair and Make Up part-time course
The same course can be taken as a part-time evening course (with 3 Saturday photo shoots) running on

Monday and Wednesday, 6pm - 9.30pm
Next course dates TBC, please call for details.

Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm - 9.30pm.
Next course dates TBC, please call for details.
During the course the students will have a chance to participate in a workshop with our photographer and 3 professional photo shoot days. Additionally, there will be a marketing workshop with a marketing expert to introduce you to the basic of self-promotion that will help you launch your career.

Make-up kit with specially selected cosmetic products is included in the cost. The kit will be used throughout the course and eventually yours to keep and build upon. The total cost of the course in £7,000 (The make-up kit and photo shoots included).