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Hair and Make Up Course Modules
(modules covered in both full-time and part-time hair and make up courses)

Make Up includes:
  Health and Safety
  Colour Theory
  Skin care and preparation
  Face analysis
  Highlighting and contouring
  Rouge. Blusher, powder, cream
  Foundation. Cream, fluid, powder
  Eyebrows. Brow shapes and correction
  Eyeshadows. From natural to smokey eyes. Eye shapes and correction
  Eyeliners. Gel, khol, shadow
  Eyelash. Fake lashes, curling
  Lipliner. Lipstick, lip shapes and correction
* Camouflage

Photoshoot days
Fashion Show Students design their own fashion show
Workshop: Photography
Workshop: Marketing

Make Up styles
  Basic beauty and photographic Make up
  Bridal (Euorpean and Asian) Make up
  Black and white Make up
* Period Make up 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, 2011
  High Fashion Make up
* Gothic and Punk Make up

  Catwalk Make up
* Theatre Make up (incl. wounds, punch eye, burns)
* Drag Make up
* Body paint

Hair includes:
* Haircare and preparation
* Setting hair. Hot roller, velcro
* Straightening. Tong. Crepe. Blow dry
* Hair up, plait, Bridal and Fashion hair
* Working with hair extensions and hairpieces


Individual modules (Custom Course)

Individual Modules
For those in need of some flexibility we suggest taking our Hair & Make-up one module at a time. In this way students will design his or her own custom course.

You can do just one module at a time or as many individual modules as you like. Each course costs £180 for one day, £750 for one week.

Choose from the Hair and Make Up Course Modules on the left.

*These modules can be taken as Individual Modules.

Private One-to-one Lesson
Paintbox London is delighted to offer private tuition. If you are interested in private one-to-one make up or hair lessons you can contact the school directly to discuss your requirements. One private one-to-one lesson lasts 1.5 hours; the cost is £150 for one make up lesson and £100 for one hair styling lesson.

You can book your lessons via our booking form. Please remember to specify what you would like to learn.

Make Up and hair products/tools is provided for these courses. Make up and hair products/tools are provided for these courses. For any further information or to discuss in more detail please contact Sandy at sandy@paintboxlondon.co.uk. She will be happy to assist you.