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Paintbox London
Make Up Short Course

£850, 8-10 students per course
10 weekdays

Suitable for personal and professional beginner make up artists,
or as a refresher course for professionals.

Course includes:
- Health and Safety
- Colour Theory
- Skin care and preparation
- Face analysis
- Highlighting and contouring
- Rouge. Blusher, powder, cream
- Foundation. Cream, fluid, powder
- Eyebrows. Brow shapes and correction
- Eyeshadows. From natural to smokey eyes. Eye shapes and correction
- Eyeliners. Gel, khol, shadow
- Eyelash. Fake lashes, curling
- Lipliner. Lipstick, lip shapes and correction

New dates coming soon!
Paintbox London is currently in the process of relocating.


Short Hair & Make-up Courses

Short Courses are for between 8-10 students. They are offered as weekday courses.

Make Up Short Course
Hair Short Course
Bridal Make Up Short Course
Bridal Hair Short Course

Weekday courses run from 10am - 4.30pm

Please note that make up/bushes and hair tools are provided. Your own/personal make up kit can be purchased from the school.